A Tale of Enduring Partnership by Peter Ku, ARKTECH

A Tale of Enduring Partnership by Peter Ku, ARKTECH

In the realm of AUTO ID technology, longevity often signifies not just survival, but thriving in a dynamic landscape. For ARKTECH, a key player in this field for over three decades, our journey has been marked by strategic alliances and impactful collaborations. At the heart of our success lies a longstanding partnership with TSC Auto ID, a relationship that has not only weathered the tests of time but has also flourished, shaping the trajectory of both entities in profound ways.

Trust, Transparency, and Mutual Respect Redefines A Decades-Long Alliance

The collaboration between ARKTECH and TSC Auto ID dates back to the mid-1980s when we assumed the role of a distributor for TSC Auto ID products. This partnership opened doors to new opportunities, enabling ARKTECH to expand its reach into international markets, including South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia.

One project stands out as a testament to the strength of this enduring partnership. In 2016, ARKTECH encountered a significant challenge—a government project involving the procurement of 1000 units of portable printers. The competitive landscape was fierce, with rivals erecting deliberate technical barriers. However, with the unwavering support and innovative solutions provided by TSC Auto ID, ARKTECH emerged victorious, clinching the bid after intense negotiations. This milestone not only underscored the effectiveness of our collaboration but also served as a defining moment in our shared journey.

Central to the success of ARKTECH and TSC Auto ID is a foundation built on trust, transparency, and mutual respect, propelling our growth and advancing the AUTO ID industry. Competition among distributors is inevitable, but TSC Auto ID consistently handles and mediates competition fairly and impartially. We trust their approach and attitude, especially in project reporting. TSC Auto ID ensures necessary protection and support for distributors like us, aiding in project procurement.

Leveraging each other's strengths and embracing innovation, we remain at the forefront of technological advancements, setting new standards. As we navigate the evolving AUTO ID landscape, we stand as beacons of resilience and innovation, inspiring others to forge collaborations and embrace change. In an uncertain world, our enduring alliance showcases the power of collaboration and the boundless possibilities it offers for the future of technology.


ARKTECH - TSC Auto IDEstablished in 1989, ARKTECH initially ventured into the AUTO ID industry with a focus on distributing foreign products as distributors. Over the years, ARKTECH evolved into a multifaceted enterprise, offering not only sales and after-sales services but also delving into system software planning, analysis, and nationwide project execution.