Corporate Social Responsibility

TSC commits to becoming the most outstanding and contented company. As a multinational company and a member of society, we believe that we can do more and hope that we can create greater common interests for all stakeholders. TSC continues to advance towards the goal of developing a sustainable environment, implementing public welfare and promoting corporate governance. TSC hopes to combine vision, governance, products and services to strengthen communication with stakeholders, and we also hope to exert our influence to lead our suppliers and consumers to fulfill their social responsibilities.

Sustainable Environmental Development

TSC continues to use the operating system to fully comply with the requirements of the RoHS specification and the WEEE directive in terms of manufacturing process and material management, and implements its specifications in product design and manufacturing. TSC announces self-declaration of relevant EU environmental regulations for the company's main products to effectively reduce the environmental load caused by product manufacturing. TSC replaces the exhausted energy in the factory through the establishment of the ISO14001 system and the regular audit mechanism, and formulates energy-saving plans and strategies to the commitment of sustainable environmental development.

TSC upholds its commitment to supporting the sustainable growth of society through the creation, regular audit, and evaluation of the ISO 14001 system. By adopting a robust operating system, TSC is able to ensure total compliance with RoHS in regards to production procedures and materials management, and thereby minimize the environmental burdens of manufacturing activities. TSC examines the energy consumption of its plants and adopts conservation measures and strategies accordingly.

The following data has been compiled based on monthly electricity bills, water bills, and waste statistics:
1. 2020:
(1) Greenhouse gas emissions: direct emission - 1.52 metric tons CO2e; indirect emissions - 427.15 metric tons CO2e.
(2) Water usage: 4,199 kL.
(3) Total waste volume: 17.39 metric tons.
2. 2021:
(1) Greenhouse gas emissions: direct emission - 1.726 metric tons CO2e; indirect emissions - 427.84 metric tons CO2e.
(2) Water usage: 4,528 kL.
(3) Total waste volume: 14.59 metric tons.

According to statistics, purchased electricity was the main source of greenhouse gas emissions of TSC, and the plant at Letzer Industrial Park sought to control and regulate temperature settings for air conditioning and promoted specific waste recycling (an indicator of environmental performance) solution to reduce power consumption and minimize indirect greenhouse gas emissions. In 2021, although the Company’s operating revenue grew by 19%, our indirect GHG emission only increased by a slight margin of 0.16% compared to 2020, and we were able to reduce our total volume of waste generated by approximately 16%.

Implement Social Care

TSC actively implements social care. Internally, TSC continues to create a great place to work. In addition to the formulation and implementation of management policies and procedures in accordance with labor laws and regulations to protect the legitimate rights and interests of colleagues, TSC also continues to increase software and hardware investments, and assist employees in their career development. At the same time, TSC continues to build smooth communication channels between labor and management, actively understand and reasonably meet the needs of colleagues, in order to achieve a win-win situation for labor and management. Externally, in cooperation with the company's business expansion, TSC continues to recruit talents and actively participates in various talent recruitment activities organized by the county government or related units, and provides employment opportunities for local people. TSC also continues to participate in public welfare, including providing nutritional-lunch fees and tuition for students of low-income households in Yilan County, and participating in disaster relief activities initiated by various government units, volunteer service activities in food banks and nurseries, etc.

Corporate Governance Promotion

TSC focuses on our business operations. In addition to the year-on-year growth in revenue in recent years, TSC has successively formulated "Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles", "Codes of Ethical Conduct", "Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles", "Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles" and other procedures to regulate directors' and managers' behavior which should meet the standards of integrity, in order to strengthen corporate governance and seek greater benefits for the company and investors. In addition, operating profits is the most basic responsibility of a company to shareholders, and profit feedback is the company's most substantial contribution to shareholders. TSC continues to make stable and profitable operations through product development, market development and cost control. When the company is operating with profit, according to the dividend policy, the profit will be appropriately returned to the shareholders. In recent years, our distribution of dividends has been stable, and it has good performance in shareholder compensation.

Implementation of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility