How to Maintain Peak Performance for Peak Season

How to Maintain Peak Performance for Peak Season

Summer is almost over, meaning fall’s peak season is right around the corner. Being prepared for this busy time of year is important, and you want to be sure your printers are up to speed. Now is a great time to replace your older, unsupported printers or to service your existing TSC Printronix Auto ID printers.

With our printer replacement program and on-site service, we can assist with all your seasonal servicing needs! Here’s how these services can help you plan ahead.

On-Site Service

Our On-Site Service Programs are available around the world, with support teams based in North America, Europe, and Asia. This quick and convenient on-site service ensures your printers are up and running with minimal downtime as you work with technicians who have been trained in the latest printing and barcode technologies.

Our depot repair programs were created for speed and efficiency with our quick responses and next business day on-site service. This is covered by some of our warranties, and yearly and multi-year maintenance contracts are available to fit your needs.

In every repair, Genuine OEM parts are used. Our service model ensures professional delivery of service, with a highly efficient logistics support chain, automated dispatch and communications, and a tightly integrated system that allows incident management, trouble ticketing, and reporting to be provided to customers, regardless of the location.

Program availability may vary by region. Contact your local sales representative for details.

Thermal Printer Replacement

Sometimes printer replacement is necessary. Whether you have aging printers or your current printer brand is not available, we often have a solution to offer so your operation experiences little to no downtime.

Our high-performance TSC Printronix Auto ID thermal label printers have the ability to support most major printer languages with seamless functionality right out of the box, thanks to our powerful TSPL firmware and intelligent Printronix System Architecture. These innovative and customizable tools give our printers the ability to receive other printer label commands and emulate them, making it easy to replace nearly any printer to keep your business moving forward.

With TSC Printronix Auto ID, you can quickly clone an existing TSC printer using a USB drive. Simply maintain your printer’s configuration on the USB and your printer operator can plug it into your replacement printer to resume business as usual. You can also apply our Quick Change Memory Cartridge (QCMC) to retain the identity and network settings for an out-of-service machine. QCMC easily transfers those settings to a replacement printer in the time it takes to power up the unit.

Instant device replacement keeps your operations moving forward in the event of a device failure or when installing a new printer. Leading enterprise organizations choose TSC Printronix Auto ID printers to enhance operations and ROI with simplified printer backup, installation, and replacement.

Choosing the Right Service for Your Printer Needs

Whether it’s updating an outdated printer or replacing it altogether, our service programs and tools for rapid replacement are here to provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective options. Making sure your business maintains its peak performance with our printers is our top priority.

If you’re interested in planning ahead for your busy season, TSC Printronix Auto ID is here to help. Contact us for an expert consult to simplify your printer replacement or fill out our form for on-site service requests now.