Reduce Downtime with Our On-Site Service and Extended Warranty Programs

Reduce Downtime with Our On-Site Service and Extended Warranty Programs

TSC Printronix Auto ID provides more than just reliable printers. Our On-Site Service and Extended Warranty programs keep your operation running at peak performance and help you continue to stay ahead of the competition. We are excited to announce that our successful and efficient On-Site Service Program, designed to reduce your business downtime, has been recently expanded in the EMEA market. Customers in EMEA can now take advantage of our service programs' various options for both lines of TSC Printronix Auto ID industrial printers.

Keep reading to learn more of the benefits of our service program.

On-Site Service Benefit: Reliable Operations at a Low Cost

Our On-Service and Extended Warranty Program was designed to address the challenges that businesses experience as equipment complexity increases, making service more difficult and expensive. There is an increasing need for flexibility and reducing downtime with convenient on-site service. Our programs hire experienced Customer Service Engineers (CSEs) who have an average of 17 years in the Auto ID industry. Each CSE is factory trained on the latest printing and barcoding technologies. Customer Service Engineers are assigned to customers based on their location. Our programs give process-driven support to ensure focused, professional service delivery. A highly efficient logistics support chain, an automated communication system, and an integrated incident management system are all in place during service calls to ensure efficiency.

Our On-Site Service Programs are available around the world, with support teams based in North America, Europe, and Asia. We are committed to making the process as simple as possible while providing our consumers with the greatest possible experience. Customers are connected to local support workers across global operations, making communication simple and seamless.

More program benefits include:

  • Low overall total cost of ownership (TCO) with a reliable basis for budgeting and planning
  • Ensuring mission-critical equipment is operating at peak levels
  • Minimizing business downtime and increasing productivity
  • Better value than similar programs purchased at time-and-materials rates
  • Competitive printer brands are also eligible for coverage

Two Flexible Service Program Options: Your Decision, Your Budget

This program delivers a set of pre-determined, fixed costs for service and support throughout the year allowing you to know exactly how this will impact the budget for your business. Our service programs have two different options for customers to choose from. The first choice is a yearly contract for On-Site Service and Extended Warranty. In this plan, certified technicians travel to your site to restore your printer’s peak performance. Travel and labor cost for the technician is included in this option.

The second option is the Standard Priority Return to Depot program. In this plan, customers can protect their investment and ensure that the printer is always top performing. This program extends the length of our printers’ “back to the depot warranty” at a fixed cost. Our 2-year standard warranty is the best in the industry, but we now also offer both 3- and 5-year extended warranty coverage. Service programs are either included with the printer when it is purchased or can be added on later.

Program availability may vary by region. Contact your local sales representative for details.

Maximum Efficiency for Your Barcode Printers and Your Business

With our service programs, you can rest assured that your operations will run at peak performance without breaking your budget. These service programs have proven to be successful worldwide and we are excited to offer them now to our customers with industrial printers in EMEA.

Learn more about our TSC Printronix Auto ID On-Site Service and Extended Warranty Program on our website and submit a request for more information about the program in your region.