The Top 4 Solutions We Offer Other Than Thermal Printers

The Top 4 Solutions We Offer Other Than Thermal Printers

At TSC Printronix Auto ID, your go-to barcode label printing experts, we offer so much more than just thermal printers. As a leading provider of reliable barcode label printers, we provide other high quality printing products, outstanding support, tailored solutions, and innovative technology.

From our Genuine Supplies for the best in media quality to our outstanding customer support, remote printer management software, and more, we’ve designed our business to provide the best solutions to you, our customer.

Today, we’ll discuss our four key solutions and how they offer benefits to you that go beyond printing.

1. Genuine Supplies for Guaranteed Compatibility

For a complete collection of label solutions for your customers, TSC Printronix Auto ID Genuine Supplies is your source. Genuine Supplies offers your customers a thorough set of products for outstanding quality and guaranteed compatibility to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Our Supplies Specialists from Genuine Supplies are here to help you select the best choice for your application.

Our Genuine Supplies products include stock labels, custom labels, and thermal solutions. Product experts guide you through all stages of your consumables application, so you are confident that your supplies are optimized in form, fit, and function.

Markets we support include Auto ID, cannabis, citations, healthcare, parking, retail, and more.

Product availability may vary by region. Contact your local Genuine Supplies specialist for details.

2. Worldwide Support for the Best Possible Customer Experience

We are committed to making the entire customer support process as simple as possible. With operations all over the world connecting our customers with local support staff, communication with us is easy and seamless. We have support teams operating across North America, Europe, and Asia, standing by to help you resolve your challenges quickly. Support includes everything from a quick fix to an in-depth technical support situation.

Customers have two options for printer support. The first is to submit an online inquiry directly to your region for support. The second is to get support directly from your local office or the office geographically closest to you.

Another great resource for customer support comes from our website. Resources like manuals, drivers, software, utilities, software development kits, data sheets, videos, and FAQs allow customers to troubleshoot their barcode label printing issues.

3. Service Programs to Keep Your Operation Running at Peak Performance

TSC Printronix Auto ID offers service programs that help you meet competitive challenges. There is an increasing need for flexibility and reducing downtime, necessitating reliable operations at the lowest possible cost. There is also growing equipment complexity that can make service more difficult and costly. We have designed our TSC Printronix Auto ID On-Site Service and Extended Warranty Program to meet these challenges. This program delivers a set of pre-determined, fixed costs for service and support.

Service programs have two flexible options:

  • On-Site Service and Extended Warranty Program with an Annual Contract: With our On-Site Service and Extended Warranty Program, enjoy peace of mind by knowing you can budget reliably, and your operation can run smoothly. Our certified technicians will travel to your location to get your printer back to its optimal performance. All labor and travel for the repair is included.
  • Standard Priority Return to Depot Program: Extends the length of our printers’ “back to the depot warranty” at a fixed cost. The program enables users to protect their investment and ensure their printer is always in top performing condition. On top of the industry best 2-year standard warranty, TSC Printronix Auto ID now offers 3 and 5-year extended coverage.

These service programs are available when the printer is purchased or can be added on at a later time. With our service programs, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your business will run more smoothly.

Service availability may vary by region. Contact your local sales representative for details.

4. Remote Printer Management Made Easy with TSC Console, PrintNet Enterprise and SOTI Connect

TSC Printronix Auto ID has three options for remote printer management to make it easier to manage your printer fleet from anywhere. These systems allow users to quickly monitor printers, configure settings, deploy programs, and troubleshoot problems. For remotely managing our enterprise-grade Printronix Auto ID printers, our printer management tool is our free PrintNet Enterprise (PNE). This is an exclusive printer management utility to easily organize and monitor your printers from a single dashboard. Printer uptime is maximized with instant responses to printer issues via notifications sent through an email or mobile phone. Unauthorized users cannot make unwanted printer configuration changes with PNE. Watch this video to learn more about PrintNet Enterprise.

TSC Console is a printer management software designed to quickly and remotely monitor printers, configure settings, deploy programs, and troubleshoot problems on TSC printers.

SOTI Connect is another excellent remote printer management solution. With SOTI Connect, you can manage a large fleet of printers in a fast-paced environment. Several hundred printers can have inventory and shipments tracked within warehouses and throughout the entire supply chain. SOTI Connect reduces unexpected printer downtime and workflow disruptions while also collecting 24/7 data analysis of valuable printer status information.

Barcode Label Printing Experts You Can Rely On

As you use our printers to enhance your business productivity, remember that we offer much more than reliable, high-quality printers. Our supplies, support, and customer service make our company an exceptional resource for your business. Remote printer management also reduces downtime and increases your productivity. Beyond that, our printers integrate unique technologies and solutions such as barcode inspection technology to support enhanced efficiency and business operations.

Visit our website to learn more about our extensive resources or contact your local TSC Printronix Auto ID representative.