How Our Printers Will Help You Operate More Efficiently in 2022

How Our Printers Will Help You Operate More Efficiently in 2022

Is your New Year’s resolution to run a more efficient business? TSC Printronix Auto ID printers can help you achieve that goal.

We have a broad range of printers with specialized features to enhance your operations, such as our enterprise printers with automated barcode inspection and our mobile printers with smart battery technology. Select the best printer from our lineup to make your business more cost-effective and productive in the new year. Features like ODV-2D barcode inspection, RFID tracking, and remote printer tools such as SOTI Connect allow your business to perform remarkably well with better efficiency and decreased costs.

Read on to learn more about these printer features to drive your business to success in the new year.

Enhance Your ROI and Reduce Chargebacks with ODV-2D Barcode Verification and Validation

Quality labels are essential for demanding, high volume industries with low margins that are prone to chargebacks. For this reason, it is important to have a reliable printer to produce quality labels.

Our T6000e and T8000 enterprise printers are the ideal solution for quality and fast printing with reliable barcode scanning. These printers have integrated ODV-2D barcode inspection, which is a feature that automatically grades barcode labels according to ISO standards. If it does not meet these standards, the printer retracts and overstrikes bad labels and automatically reprints them. This ensures accurate labels every time while also eliminating the need for additional equipment or software or operator intervention. Along with rapid barcode label repair, these printers are equipped with full reporting capabilities, helping you defend against chargebacks. Label reporting enhances your return on investment by providing proof that quality labels were readable and scannable at the time of printing.

The T6000e and T8000 printers both have ODV-2D barcode inspection as well as many other features, such as:

  • Ability to print up to 15,000 labels a day at productive speeds of 14 inches per second (ips)
  • Printronix System Architecture (PSA)
  • Multiple Connectivity Options
  • Remote printer management tools and automated alerts
  • Support for all major printer languages

The T6000e comes in 4-inch and 6-inch models with optional RFID capability, while the T8000 comes in 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch models and hosts barcode inspection without RFID.

Portable Printing Boosts Productivity in Growing Delivery Culture

As delivery cultures and the expansion of e-commerce continue to grow, businesses need an efficient way to support this fast-paced environment. Mobile printing is a great solution for hands-free productivity. Our lineup of mobile printers includes seven portable models with 2-inch, 3-inch, or 4-inch options. Our smart Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L performance mobile barcode printers offer an outstanding choice for printing on-demand. These are great in applications such as warehouses, fulfillment, healthcare, retail, shipping, and logistics.

Mobile printing enhances efficiency for Direct Store Delivery (DSD), where products from a supplier or distributor are delivered directly to a store completely bypassing the retailer’s distribution center. For delivery drivers, mobile printing allows them to print receipts and invoices on-demand directly at the delivery site.

Our mobile printers are lightweight and designed for an entire day of activity. They include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options as well as SOTI Connect, a remote printer management software for real time printer configuration.

RFID Tracking: Track Inventory with Ease

Inventory can be a burden for businesses with a high volume of items or a large storage space. With RFID tracking, keeping up with inventory as it comes in and goes out is much easier.  

For example, barcode solutions pose limitations in industries such as horticulture due to the prohibitively large number of plants, assets, and locations that require tracking. RFID enables you to easily count thousands of items or even pinpoint a specific plant using a central dashboard or a handheld device on the nursery floor.

Cannabis companies can leverage RFID technology to gain highly effective tracking and business intelligence data for cannabis plants, by-products, and finished products, with real-time reporting sent to the regulatory body. RFID can bulk read thousands of tags (items) within minutes without the physical line-of-sight needed with traditional barcodes. RFID also provides a dramatic increase in accuracy and corresponding reduction in errors, which improves efficiency and ROI.

Simplify Printer Management Using SOTI Connect

For high volume businesses, downtime is not ideal for printer management or firmware updates. With SOTI Connect, our printers can be remotely managed to provide more efficient performance. Using SOTI Connect, you can update firmware and apps from a single console, reduce downtime and workflow disruptions, change printer settings from any location, and collect data to analyze for continued optimal printer performance. This remote printer management is instant and provides real-time views of vital printer information and device health. SOTI Connect helps you unburden your IT department, by enabling your team to get ahead of traditional downtime with predictive maintenance for tracking device health, performance, and usage.

Upgrade Your Business Practices in 2022

As the new year rolls in, it’s an excellent time to enhance your business processes with TSC Printronix Auto ID thermal printing solutions. Our innovative printers, software and technology helps you improve efficiency and enhance ROI. ODV-2D barcode inspection, mobile solutions, RFID for asset tracking, and SOTI Connect are just a few enhancements that can help improve your business in 2022.

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