How Our Barcode Inspection Printers Provide ROI with Automation and Full Reporting Capabilities to Help Defend Chargebacks

How Our Barcode Inspection Printers Provide ROI with Automation and Full Reporting Capabilities to Help Defend Chargebacks

Our Printronix Auto ID enterprise-grade ODV-2D printers have integrated barcode inspection systems that automatically grade barcode labels to ISO standards, which encompass ANSI standards, and ensure quality labels for high volume industries. In demanding industries with low margins that are prone to chargebacks, such as retail suppliers and consumer goods, our barcode inspection printers deliver accurate labels every time with label reporting to help you dispute chargebacks, reducing fines and enhancing your return on investment (ROI).

In today’s blog, we’ll cover some of the challenges these industries face and how our ODV-2D integrated barcode inspection printers can make a difference to your bottom line.

High Volume Distribution Centers Require Fast and Efficient Processing

Apparel and other consumer goods manufacturers and suppliers can be hit with upwards of tens of thousands of dollars in chargebacks per year for labels that aren’t easily and quickly scannable.

This happens because major retailers work in high volume environments with razor thin margins and receive hundreds of pallets every hour into their distribution centers from dozens of suppliers. If an incoming label cannot be read quickly, then processing time is slowed down, affecting productivity. Processing barcode labels manually costs retailers time and money.

When a supplier’s barcode labels are not quickly scannable and do not meet requirements, retailers will impose fines in the form of chargebacks. These fines present a significant cost to suppliers that can be reduced using our barcode inspection printers.

Better Labels with Our Integrated Barcode Inspection Printers

The Printronix Auto ID T8000 and T6000e enterprise printers with ODV-2D feature our integrated barcode inspection system that is tied into the print controller to retract and overstrike bad labels and automatically reprint them. These printers provide several key benefits that enhance efficiency:

  • Easy to setup and operate with a single printer ready out of the box
  • Reduced investment cost by eliminating the need for additional equipment or software
  • Expedited processing and efficiency with built-in accuracy to find and grade up to 50 barcodes per label
  • Rapid barcode label repair allows the printer to automatically back up, overstrike the bad label, and auto reprint without requiring operator intervention

By providing high quality, readable barcodes every time, our ODV-2D integrated barcode inspection printers help reduce the risk of fines. And these printers capture print data for reporting purposes that can help suppliers dispute chargebacks. Having access to historic printer data means suppliers can verify that their barcode labels were graded to the required standards before they left their facility. Suppliers can utilize this reporting feature to help them lower chargebacks from major retailers, making our barcode inspection printers a worthwhile investment.

Our Barcode Inspection Printers Offer Compelling ROI

Some suppliers may hesitate to invest in our enterprise printers since they cost more than certain traditional label printers. However, when compared to other printers in its class, our Printronix Auto ID printers are actually very competitively priced. The reason customers invest, including apparel and other suppliers in high volume, low margin businesses, is because the investment in our printers pays off.

Some of our customers face six figure chargebacks each year. Better label accuracy and reporting that substantiates barcode data can allow a supplier to prove to a retailer or distribution center that the labels were in fact high quality before they left their facility. Once the supplier can prove this with reported label data, retailers will reduce the fines.

Investing in our barcode inspection printers is an effective strategy to save companies money, with many customers finding the printers have paid for themselves within several months. Watch our Barcode Inspection Q&A video to see a sample illustration of potential ROI.  

Of course, actual ROI scenarios will vary across companies and industries. To determine the best TSC Printronix Auto ID printer for your application, schedule a free consultation online with one of our printer experts or contact your local representative.