Transportation and Logistics IT Professionals Manage Printers Easily with TSC Printronix Auto ID Printers Powered by SOTI Connect

Transportation and Logistics IT Professionals Manage Printers Easily with TSC Printronix Auto ID Printers Powered by SOTI Connect

Simplified IoT device management is critical for organizations that may rely on several hundred printers to track and trace inventory and shipments within their warehouses, and throughout their entire supply chain. The transportation and logistics industry often deploys an extensive fleet of printers that could be in use across several remote locations at once, including mobile printers used in the field. Handling everything from maintenance and performance to configurations and settings is easier for IT Professionals using our partner SOTI’s remote printer management software, SOTI Connect, to manage TSC Printronix Auto ID printers.

Continue reading to learn how SOTI Connect makes it easier to perform printer tasks, check on system health and manage printer settings from anywhere.

Unburden Your IT Department: Simplified Printer Management

Locating company assets, ensuring device health, and updating settings to keep up with ever-changing logistics demands can be taxing on your IT team. SOTI Connect provides several benefits that make complete lifecycle management of TSC Printronix Auto ID printers easy. Unburden your IT department with features such as:

  • Easy-to-use software interface and dashboard: Provides real-time views of vital printer information and device health.
  • Simplified remote printer management: Manage printer settings and instantly perform device actions on single or multiple printers.
  • Preset automation rules to remedy issues: Create pre-defined conditions and preconfigured actions when those conditions are met for proactive resolution.

Track Assets, Avoid Downtime

SOTI Connect features a highly flexible, data-driven architecture that quickly delivers printer management and support to vastly reduce IoT deployment time. And it helps you identify device maintenance issues before they impact performance. The software offers:

  • Remote firmware updates that fix bugs, patch vulnerabilities, and enable new capabilities instantly.
  • Advanced data collection for 24/7 printer status updates that ensure reliable printer performance.
  • Automatic notification alerts for abnormal printer behavior.
  • Enhanced visibility into asset location for better tracking, activity check-ins and operational improvements.
  • The ability to track device health, performance, and usage.

SOTI Connect’s robust reporting and analytics provide business intelligence that supports your team and facilitates operational efficiency.

Designed to Work with SOTI Connect: Rugged Mobile Printers with Smart Battery Technology and Bad Dot Detection

TSC’s Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L mobile performance printers are user-friendly, heavy-duty, easily managed and seamlessly integrated with SOTI Connect. Our Alpha series mobile printers feature:

  • Smart Battery Technology: Vital battery health data and charge cycle history for mobile printers. Visibility is maintained into activity levels and performance in mission-critical environments.
  • Bad Dot Detection: Alpha series mobile printers host an advanced thermal printhead (TPH) mechanism that allows for instant notifications to identify and address problems immediately, reducing risk and costly replacements.

Managed by SOTI Connect: A Single Printer with RFID and Barcode Inspection

Our advanced T6000e enterprise printer can print, encode and perform our ODV-2D Barcode Inspection, all at the same time. This unique market offering – one printer that performs multiple functions at the same time with easy SOTI Connect management – is exclusive to users of TSC Printronix Auto ID’s T6000e rugged printer.

IT Just Got Easier: More Features, Better Operations, Simpler Printer Management

TSC Printronix Auto ID is one of the first thermal label printer manufacturers to support SOTI Connect. Our customers have a full line of SOTI-compatible printer options available, including mobile, desktop, industrial, and print engines. Our partnership with SOTI makes IT easier by providing more features to enhance operations and simplify printer management.

To learn more about SOTI Connect remote printer management, visit or contact your local sales representative.