How to Select the Right Barcode Label Printer

How to Select the Right Barcode Label Printer

Are you seeking a barcode label printer that can help you take charge of your daily tasks, make it easier to manage print production, and overcome business challenges?

TSC Printronix Auto ID has sold more than five million printers around the world. So we understand a thing or two about complex, unique printing applications across a range of global industries that are rarely alike.

Major companies in industries ranging from retail, automotive, logistics, manufacturing, and more rely on TSC Printronix Auto ID to deliver printers for a broad spectrum of applications and requirements. From mobile printing solutions to desktop printers, and enterprise thermal printers with integrated barcode inspection systems, we offer customizable, compact, lightweight, full performance and robust solutions to accommodate the unique needs of every business environment.

When selecting the best thermal printer for your application, what should you consider? In today’s blog, we’ll outline top criteria you need to know before selecting a printer, and overview key features of our most widely used printer lines. This is designed to help you determine the best thermal printer for your business to resolve pain points and enhance productivity.

What Is Your Most Pressing Pain Point?

With a wide offering of mobile printers, desktop thermal printers, and enterprise printers with capabilities for RFID and barcode label inspection, how do you know where to start? Simply, begin with your major pain point and work from there.

If your greatest challenge is chargebacks from retailers cutting into your profit for unreadable barcodes, seeking a printer with technology that can help you verify and validate label data to dispute chargebacks presents a viable solution. For logistics and Direct Store Delivery (DSD) with delivery drivers, a mobile printer with on-demand invoice printing capabilities offers a hands-free option for all day performance on busy routes.

If you’re seeking a robust printer that can deliver performance while offering space savings, a compact enterprise industrial printer presents a solution. An affordable printer capable of handling mid-volume production up to 5,000 labels per day, offering fast print speeds, and adaptable to most printer languages and environments, our T4000 model presents a small yet powerful option.

Lastly, if you require advanced RFID printing capabilities for labels or a wide range of tags, such as on-metal, we offer several options depending on your application. From the T800 to the T4000 and T6000e, there’s a printer to help you meet demand.

We also have a helpful tool on our website, the Product Selector, that allows you to look at a variety of options based on printer criteria. Choose from more than a dozen selections to compare options, including label type, print volume, and various hardware specifications.

Continue reading for an introduction to each of our printer lines.

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Mobile Printers: Performance On-The-Go

Global e-commerce, DSD, and growing food service delivery growth have driven demand for mobile printing solutions. TSC mobile printers are designed for all-day performance, are lightweight and portable with enhanced battery life. Our printers offer sophisticated TSC Sense Care or SOTI Connect on the Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L for smart battery monitoring to ensure optimum productivity and to reduce the total cost of ownership.

The TSC Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L printers boost efficiency, offering high quality printing with multiple Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication options to support mobile productivity. The TDM Series features compact, palm-sized printing for linerless printing and receipt printing on demand.

View our mobile printer lineup here.

Desktop Printers: Affordable with Premium Features

We manufacture one of the largest selections of budget-friendly, feature-rich desktop printers on the market. Desktop printers encompass several models for varying uses, such as the DA Series for product marking and point of sale, the TDP Series for high performance asset tagging in healthcare, or the ultra-value TE Series label printer.

View our range of desktop printers here.

Industrial Printers: High Performance, High Volume Printing

Fast print speeds and premium printhead technology yields crisp, quality labels for varying industrial applications. Our industrial printers come enhanced with features like colorful LCD displays, multiple resolutions, and extensive communication options including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Our small footprint MB Series was designed for space savings and noise reduction. TSC engineers carefully selected the motors and gears to work together as silently as possible while still producing high quality thermal labels.

The TTP Series is excellent for electronics and jewelry labeling. The MH Series hosts premium printhead technology, a fast processor, and great memory capacity for fast, high quality print jobs. The MX Series boosts productivity for manufacturing, logistics, and warehouse printing applications.

View the full line of industrial printers at this link.

Enterprise Printers: Maximizing Efficiency for Mission-Critical Systems

Our Printronix Auto ID enterprise-grade printers reflect equipment that integrates into large, global organizations’ mission-critical systems to improve and maximize operational efficiency. Our enterprise printers are durable, all-metal constructed machines that produce high volume label printing around the clock. They are also easy to deploy in existing IT environments and ERP systems because of their wide range of printer language emulations for simplified integration and Printronix Auto ID System Architecture (PSA), where all enterprise printers have the same system interface for operator panels, language compatibility, connectivity and more.

Integrated ODV-2D barcode inspection systems are available on the T8000 and T6000e models. These printers automatically overstrike a bad label and reprint without operator intervention, for time savings and enhanced peace of mind.

Enterprise printers can be remotely managed via SOTI Connect or PrintNet Enterprise, which expands capabilities, including capturing print data for reporting to use in the case of an audit or to dispute a chargeback.

View our robust enterprise printers here.

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