Top 5 Reasons You Should Work with the Barcode Label Printing Experts at TSC Printronix Auto ID

Top 5 Reasons You Should Work with the Barcode Label Printing Experts at TSC Printronix Auto ID

For 30 years, our focus and mission has been engineering, designing, and manufacturing excellence in barcode label printers. Initially established as TSC in 1991, our company began with the goal of developing an affordable, high quality barcode label printer that launched it into the auto identification and capture (AIDC) industry. In 2016, TSC strengthened its portfolio by acquiring the Auto ID business from Printronix, best known for manufacturing line matrix printers, and expanding its product offering with enterprise-grade industrial printers and broadening its expertise in automated barcode label inspection, RFID technology, and printer management software solutions.

Our laser sharp focus on printer excellence and supplies make us your go-to printer experts. We have a long history of dedication to producing technologically advanced printer solutions that work for you.

Keep reading to learn five ways our company stands out in the market to bring you outstanding, reliable, high performance printers and supplies.

1: Perfecting Our Core Business: We Offer Printers, Supporting Software, and Supplies

At TSC Printronix Auto ID, we focus on providing the best possible printer for each unique industry and organizational challenge. From robust compact printers designed for mid-volume to rugged mobile printers for all-day performance, all the way to advanced enterprise printers with integrated barcode label inspection systems, we’ve got a solution that is perfect for you.

As your go-to printer -experts, we work with you to create efficient and affordable label and media solutions too. Our TSC Printronix Auto ID Genuine Supplies can provide all of your media, with stock and custom labels, receipt rolls, thermal labels and ribbons, and much more. Our Genuine Supplies are specifically engineered to optimize the performance of our printers, and can provide you with consistent performance and worry-free reliability for your mission-critical application.

We also have remote printer management software solutions to support your global printer fleets. TSC Console helps prevent downtime and provides status updates on your devices. SOTI Connect enables remote firmware updates, configurations, and settings for reliable print performance. PrintNet Enterprise (PNE) software on our enterprise-grade printers also allows for remote printer management and configuration, with label reporting features that can assist companies seeking records to dispute chargebacks.

2: We Have Over 30 years of AIDC Experience

We’ve been in the auto identification and capture (AIDC) industry for over 30 years. Our longevity reflects our commitment to bringing the best printer technology to the market. Initially, the company sought to deliver the best barcode printer at the best prices. Now we've grown our product line to reliable performance printers (mobile/desktop/industrial) to rugged, high-end enterprise printers (RFID, barcode inspection, high volume).

The company is comprised of two industry-leading brands: TSC and Printronix Auto ID. Combined, we have more than 65 years of AIDC industry experience with strong local sales and engineering support and a history of continuous investment in new product development.

We’re also versatile and adaptable, capable of customizing and adjusting solutions to meet the needs of customers, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprise organizations.

3: Dedicated Local Support and Engineering Excellence Across the Globe

TSC Printronix Auto ID has offices and distribution centers located around the world including North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. We have a global network of service providers available, with local and regional support teams, ready to help you.  

Continuously seeking and investing in product advancements, we offer excellence in engineering. This is reflected in solutions such as our MB Series 4-inch light industrial printers that were purposefully built to overcome thermal printer noise. The MB Series prints quietly to prevent distractions and reduce disruptive noise when printing.

We have numerous other innovations, one of which is our unique barcode inspection systems integrated within the printer footprint. The Printronix Auto ID T8000 and T6000e enterprise printers feature two-dimensional online data verification (ODV-2D) that integrates a scanner within the printer to deliver functional and effective barcode label inspection during the printing process. The printer’s scanner automatically finds and grades every barcode, and automatically overstrikes and reprints bad barcodes without operator intervention. We offer this advanced technology at an exceptional price point with reporting features that enhance printer ROI.

We also have a lineup of industrial, desktop, RFID, and mobile printers that offer innovative features designed for your unique application needs.

4: Innovation in Printing Technology

As you’ve read, we offer a range of innovative technologies that offer solutions for today’s organizations. We do business in more than 100 countries globally and have sold more than five million printers worldwide.

Innovations such as the next generation of barcode printing technology with automated, built-in inspection services are possible because we invest in product develop and purposeful engineering. With 87 product patents, TSC Printronix Auto ID is serious about being the leading innovator of printer technology on the market today.

Our solutions support all major industries globally, including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, cannabis, and more.

5: We Manufacture Our Own Printers, Back Them Up with 2-Year Warranty

We manufacture our products in our company-owned, ISO-certified facilities and show our commitment to quality by extending a 2-year standard warranty on all our printer products.

We also provide an impressive printhead warranty. We partner with the best printhead suppliers in the industry to ensure we are using the fastest and most optimum printheads on the market in our printers. We also make sure our printheads include the best film coating to ensure performance and longevity. Our printhead warranty covers 12 months or 1 million inches, whichever comes first. While the printhead warranty covers 1 million inches, performance can extend beyond this number depending on the application.

Gain Our Complete Focus on Your Printer and Supply Requirements

We solely focus on printers and printer supplies. Working with TSC Printronix Auto ID means you will get our undivided attention and expertise to support your barcode labeling printing needs.

Contact us today for a free online printer consultation with our printer experts to determine the right printer for you.