No More ‘Print and Hope for the Best’: Get Real-Time Print Data on Demand with Our Unique Printronix System Architecture

No More ‘Print and Hope for the Best’: Get Real-Time Print Data on Demand with Our Unique Printronix System Architecture

Do you currently “print and hope for the best,” wondering the current status of a print job, verifying if all barcode labels were printed successfully and meet your customer’s standards? Are you able to easily determine if the printer is on a specific label, such as number 500 out of a thousand-label job?

Using our Printronix System Architecture (PSA), coupled with our innovative and integrated optical scanning system, enables you to set and view printer, job, label, and barcode information as well as change configurations, create unique label and job ID, and modify printer parameters dynamically and securely from within your application. Continue reading to learn how these systems work together to make your print processing easier.

No More Guesswork: View Real-Time Print Data

Easily accessing and viewing real-time print data supports productivity, enhances processes, and provides peace of mind by taking the guesswork out of your printing job. Real-time print data can be viewed and captured, including items such as:

  • How many labels have been printed.
  • If any of the labels were overstruck and reprinted.
  • The specific grading detail and grade of every 1D and 2D barcode on the label.
  • Data on the RFID inlay encoding.

It is now possible to automatically capture the ISO barcode grade for every barcode sent to the printer, regardless of the printer data stream, including PostScript and PDF. This reduces operator intervention, while also providing definitive data and reporting you can use to defend against fines or to prepare for a regulatory audit. No need for time consuming, manual spot checking of labels that only covers a fraction of the output.

Gain Print Job Data Easily Using Our Printronix System Architecture

PSA works with our integrated ODV optical scanning system to provide functionality such as allowing an application to query the printer and securely change configurations and other parameters using a standard printer connection.

Contact your TSC Printronix Auto ID sales representative or reseller to learn more about how the process works.

Real-Time Print Data, Real-Time Peace of Mind

Software applications such as TEKLYNX’s Label Archive, or Intervision Global’s Perceptor PTXL leverage Printronix’s exclusive PSA technology and integrated ODV barcode inspection scanner to capture augmented print processes with their solutions.

Printer, job, label, RFID, and barcode data is available to a range of applications, including SAP, Oracle, a Warehouse Management Software package, a label software tool, or your internally developed application. If you are interested in learning how to immediately capture the benefits of knowledge and control over your distributed printer network and projects, please contact your local Printronix Auto ID reseller or send a note to