Power of QR Codes: Manufacturers & Retail Elevate Customer Experience

El poder de los códigos QR: Fabricantes y minoristas mejoran la experiencia del cliente

QR codes link buyers and sellers, enabling a conversation about a variety of specific product information. They offer an inexpensive way for manufacturers and factories to place relevant data on their products and packages before they arrive at a retailer or distributor. Leveraging QR codes allows manufacturers and retailers to deepen relationships with their customers by easily providing valuable product information, coupons, surveys, marketing material, and instructions via accessible links to assist customers with purchase decisions while gathering consumer input.

Using our TSC Auto ID enterprise printers, you can print QR codes on-demand, in house, with high-quality label validation. QR codes can facilitate dialog between various parties that weren’t possible before as retail distribution channels previously disconnected direct consumer interaction with the manufacturer.

Keep reading to learn more about ways to use QR codes to help you strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Innovating QR Codes to Facilitate Manufacturer/Customer Connections

“We tend to think of QR codes as web addresses, and they are extremely effective in that role. But QR codes are extremely versatile, with the capability to hold up to 7,000 bytes of information. These inexpensive and easy-to-print codes can hold product serial numbers, model, family, class, FCC certification and other product specifications that otherwise may be difficult to place on the packaging,” said Joe Martin, TSC Auto ID Product Manager.

QR codes improve the customer experience in a variety of ways. For example, a manufacturer can include a QR code with a link to device installation instructions on the package, improving the user experience by facilitating a successful product setup. Manufacturers can also use these codes for surveys to gather valuable feedback, to offer customer promotions, join loyalty programs, and provide other valuable touch points between the manufacturer, the retailer, and the consumer.

It can also provide useful insight into who their customers are. Customers picking a product off a shelf are hard to identify. However, if a customer fills out a survey, warranty information or signs up for a promotion, the manufacturer can gather customer registration information to better understand their profile and provide multiple future touch points to enhance marketing and boost sales.

Enhance the Customer Shopping Experience

QR codes can also enhance the customer shopping experience in other ways:

  • Provide a direct link to a store website with details about their hours, merchandise, specials, and other valuable information.
  • Offer rapid access to critical information such as safety notices or allergens in products.
  • QR labels on a real estate sign can provide detailed information about a property so a potential buyer can drive by and get photos, a video tour, and link to the selling agent, all without leaving their car.
  • Car dealerships can use these codes on vehicles in the lot to provide detailed information about the vehicle as well as gather information from interested buyers that they didn’t get the opportunity to speak with.
  • Retailers can print QR codes on both desktop, and mobile printers from TSC Auto ID. This allows flexibility for staff that need to print QR codes while on the floor, or in the office.

The potential uses are vast and present consumers with the opportunity to get a wealth of valuable information quickly to make a more informed buying decision.

In-House Print and Placement of QR Codes with TSC Auto ID Enterprise Printers

Manufacturers can ensure QR code label accuracy using our enterprise industrial printers. The TSC Auto ID T8000 and T6000e ODV-2D barcode inspection printers come with a barcode verifier integrated into the printer’s footprint that automatically finds, reads, grades, and overstrikes bad labels and reprints automatically. Cost is reduced as there is no need for an external PC, scanner, or software to produce accurate, ISO-compliant labels. These printers accelerate quality control by ensuring only compliant labels leave the warehouse.

To optimize your consumer engagement using QR codes, email us at marketing@tscus.com or contact your local TSC Auto ID sales representative to learn more about our print solutions.