Power Up on the Go: New Power Adapters for Charging Mobile Printers

Power Up on the Go: New Power Adapters for Charging Mobile Printers

To keep your mobile printing operation running smoothly, no matter where the road takes you, the power supply must be reliable and rugged. That's why we're excited to announce the launch of two new mobile power adapters designed specifically for charging mobile printers in vehicles, including increased power for diverse fleets.

Enhanced Flexibility for Diverse Fleets

Our latest offerings provide increased flexibility for fleets with a variety of vehicle types. Whether you have a delivery van with a cigarette lighter socket, a modern truck equipped with a QC 3.0 USB port, or a work vehicle lacking either option, we have the perfect solution for keeping your mobile printers charged and operational.

  • 12 to 24 Volt DC Vehicle Power Adapter: This adapter is designed for vehicles with a traditional cigarette lighter socket. It comes bundled with our specially designed QC 3.0 USB cable, allowing for efficient charging. The QC 3.0 technology ensures optimal charging speeds, minimizing downtime and keeping your mobile printing tasks on track. For vehicles with a built-in QC 3.0 outlet, you can simply plug-in the USB cable directly to the mobile printer barrel-style charging port connector.
  • 12 to 60 Volt DC Vehicle Power Adapter: This adapter caters to situations where a cigarette lighter socket or QC 3.0 USB port is not available. This is particularly useful for work trucks, delivery vans, or other specialty vehicles. The adapter features open-ended wires, enabling direct connection to the vehicle's battery or distribution panel for a reliable charging source for your mobile printer.

Universal Compatibility for Streamlined Operations

Both of our new power adapters are built for universal compatibility. They seamlessly integrate with all our Alpha Series mobile printers. This eliminates the need to swap out power adapters when using different printers within your fleet, simplifying workflows and reducing the risk of mismatched equipment.

Can’t wait? Check out this video showcasing these exciting new power adapters.

Benefits of Reliable Mobile Printer Charging

Ensuring consistent power for your mobile printers offers a multitude of advantages:

  • Increased Productivity: With reliable charging, you can avoid printer downtime and keep your printing tasks running smoothly, maximizing efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhanced Fleet Management: The ability to charge printers in any vehicle type allows for greater flexibility in assigning tasks and managing workflows within your fleet.
  • Reduced Costs: Consistent charging helps to extend the lifespan of your mobile printer batteries, minimizing replacement costs and maintenance needs.

Investing in a Streamlined Mobile Printing Solution

TSC Auto ID's commitment to innovation extends beyond just our printers. These new power adapters demonstrate our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that empower your mobile printing operations. With increased flexibility, universal compatibility, and reliable charging capabilities, our new adapters ensure your mobile printers are always ready to go the distance, wherever the road leads.

Ready to learn more? Contact your local TSC Auto ID representative today to discuss how our new power adapters can streamline your mobile printing operations and keep your fleet running at peak performance.