The Benefits of Standalone Printers

standalone printers

Standalone printing operations offer many benefits by operating without requiring a connection to an external computer or network.

Our standalone thermal printers enable you to enter information directly into the printer without using a computer, saving you time, money, and space. We also offer an exclusive software program for our printers, TSC Standalone Creator, which makes label design easy, allowing you to update the interactive touch panel menus with a simple icon-based drag-and-drop interface. No programming experience needed!

Traditional Printing vs. Flexible Standalone Printers

Traditional printing applications achieve barcode production by attaching a computer to the printer that runs label software pulled from a database or by attaching a network with software for label printing. When your application requires multiple printers, it will also require multiple computers. This adds quite a bit of cost and requires extensive space to operate.

In comparison, with standalone operations, you eliminate the costly expense of buying computers for each printer. It enables you to simply enter information directly into the printer, and print. It’s that easy! For more complex and detailed entries, you can attach an existing keyboard to the printer to quickly type the information.

Our focus on providing thermal printers with standalone operations was in response to customers’ needs. Partnership is one of the core focuses of our business. When our partners asked for a more cost-effective and mobile barcode label printing solution, we listened. We designed our standalone barcode label printers using our TSPL firmware. This firmware offers database capabilities and advanced middleware that enables the standalone printer to query a network or cloud-based database to pull data, eliminating the need for additional software and computers.

Our standalone printers also offer user-friendly color displays, touch screen panel options, and compatibility with external devices like keyboards and scanners to simplify additional data entry.

Streamline Print Operations with TSC Standalone Creator

TSC Standalone Creator software enables users to create advanced menus and labels for touch panel applications and deploy them to one printer or an entire fleet of printers. The exclusive software makes touch panel menu customization and label design easy with its user-friendly, icon-based drag-and-drop interface.

It’s simple to deploy and offers advanced customization options as well.

  • Touch Panel Menu Creator: Create customized touch panels with background images, unique variable data, adjustable menu lists, and dynamic graphic elements.
  • Label Template Creator: Edit label settings and specifications, receive and output variable data, and select various shapes and barcodes to design labels as needed.
  • Database Update: Update the database using a USB or memory card for accurate data printing.
  • Save Printer Settings: It automatically shows the last used printer settings for convenient printer operation and management.

Watch how easy TSC Standalone Creator is in this video that visually illustrates many of its features and applications. 

Enhance Your Application with Standalone Printing
Standalone printing operations can be leveraged for many applications, including tracking goods throughout a manufacturing line, printing food ingredients and labels for restaurants and grocers, and tracking patient data throughout a hospital stay.

By simplifying the process and equipment needed for printing, standalone operations provide ease of use, extensive technology features, and better efficiency. If you’re ready to save money with standalone printing, contact us to discuss your business needs.