How to Select the Perfect Mobile Printer for Direct Store Delivery

How to Select the Perfect Mobile Printer for Direct Store Delivery

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) reshaped the supply chain. Consumers and suppliers have enjoyed the lucrative benefits of bypassing the warehouse middlemen, fueling the growth of mobile printer sales. Different enterprises utilize DSD for different needs. Whether you’re on the receiving store side or the manufacturer side, our mobile printers can boost efficiency and streamline productivity for your workforce.

Our mobile printers are equipped with top-of-the-line features and a full suite of complementary accessories to customize the specific needs of your enterprise. These printers are designed for rugged convenience, ensuring reliability while in use in warehouses or en route to ensure productivity and peace of mind for users.

Powerhouse Mobile Receipt Printing

If receipt printing is your top priority, consider the Alpha-30R, the newest model in the Alpha Performance Series. The Alpha-30R has two model options: basic and premium. Both options are durable, drop and water-resistant to handle fast-paced work environments. Both models also support lineless media. The basic model offers support for receipt media, either in a continuous mode or black mark to find the top of form, while the premium model offers a gap and black mark sensor to support a variety of receipt and label media.

The Alpha-30R  has seamless wireless connectivity. It features advanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® technology. The TSC Mobile Utility App is available for both iOS and Android, enabling users to remotely control printers and print tasks from their mobile devices. For large printer fleet management, the subscription-based SOTI Connect remote printer management software enables quick and efficient remote troubleshooting if problems arise, minimizing downtime. The Alpha-30R is a great option for printing receipts easily on the go and wherever your customers are.  

Flexible Mobile RFID Label Printing

Mobile and RFID printing capabilities in one unit? We have a unique solution for that. As Walmart expands its RFID tagging requirement, many enterprises operating in the DSD space are being affected and need a simple solution. If your business is seeking a simple and effective way to comply, consider the Alpha-40L Mobile RFID Printer. The Alpha-40L is ruggedly durable while housing a range of dynamic features.

Feel confident knowing you can print and encode RFID labels in-house at the point of application with this printer. In addition to being mobile, it offers maximum flexibility by supporting multiple RFID inlays, chips, and labels. And it can print labels/tag pitch to as small as 0.625 inches (15.9 mm). The RAIN UHF passive RFID auto-calibration feature offers peace of mind that your label is encoded properly, with the ability to switch between print media with ease, saving your settings. This makes life so much easier for suppliers who provide products made of various materials.

This printer also offers advanced connectivity with the latest 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi certified with Bluetooth® 4.2 combo module or Apple-certified MFi Bluetooth® 5.0, keeping your information safe and secure.

Boost your RFID labeling productivity and label on-demand with the Alpha-40L Mobile RFID Printer.

Value Added Accessories for Your Warehouse

If your enterprise is on the warehouse side of the DSD space, the Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L would be the best fit. The printers offer all the best TSC Printronix Auto ID features including advanced connectivity, rugged durability, and remote printer management options.

These models also offer value-added accessories to keep your workforce moving efficiently. A selection of printer mount kits and plates work with these printers, offering options with a quick-release dock, an optional battery eliminator, and fanfold access for fanfold labels. These keep the Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L securely mounted, powered, and conveniently close to the point of work.

The lineup also features additional accessories and mount components like dual leash mounts, 2-inch and 5-inch universal mount with AMPS plates, and a diamond ball base, including expanders perfect for warehouse use.

As the DSD supply chain continues to expand, keep your workforce moving efficiently with our mobile printers. To explore the possibilities with any of these models, visit the webpage here or contact your local TSC Printronix Auto ID representative.