How to Select the Best Mobile Printer for Your Business Needs

How to Select the Best Mobile Printer for Your Business Needs

If you’re looking to print labels and receipts quickly, accurately, and on the go, consider our lineup of mobile printers. Each printer boasts design features that make them durable, dependable, and able to operate in numerous business environments.

On-demand printing with our mobile printers means print times won’t slow you or your operations down. In today’s blog, we’ll take a closer look at each of our mobile printer options to see which 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch printer best suits your organization’s needs.

The Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L: Premium, Top-of-the-Line Mobile Printers

The Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L are 3-inch and 4-inch industry-leading mobile printers that support a high range of applications from warehouse and fulfillment to linerless printing, product and item labels, and shipping and logistics. They offer military-grade protection from high drops and vehicle vibration, making them great for on-the-go use.

Like many of our printers, these mobile options are compatible with SOTI Connect remote printer management software, meaning you always have control over your print operations. Other premium features you can expect include a smart battery that alerts you to print capacity and other battery data, as well as several connectivity options including Wi-Fi -and Bluetooth.

Alpha-4L: Suitable for a Range of Environments

Like the Alpha-40L printer model, the Alpha-4L printer fits numerous applications. This 4-inch printer can handle any mobile label, document, or receipt printing task and is designed for use anywhere from the warehouse to a retail site. With the optional case, you can rest assured this rugged, water-resistant, and dust-resistant option can hold its own against the environment you operate in.

Alpha-3R: Economical and Reliable

If you’re looking for an option that’s full of capabilities but won’t surpass your budget, consider the Alpha-3R 3-inch printer option. Users can wear it comfortably throughout their shift, making it perfect for direct store deliveries (DSD), parking citations, mobile ticketing, and more. For quick, simple, and on-demand receipt and label printing, this is a great option.

Alpha-2R: The Most Comfortable, Portable Option

For users who always keep their printer within arm’s reach, the Alpha-2R is a low-cost, high-durability printer to consider. It’s an affordable 2-inch printer for quick and simple labels and receipt printing, making it perfect for applications in healthcare, retail, product and item label printing, linerless printing, and more.

With one of the largest media capacities in the 2-inch receipt market and 17-hour printing capabilities, this printer is one you can rely on day after day. It also adjusts its print speed and condition automatically so you always experience the best print quality, and it’s comfortable to wear for an entire shift.

TDM Series: A Mobile Printer for Highly Mobile Users

With 2-inch and 3-inch designs, the TDM Series are palm-sized printers great for staff who move frequently. They’ve been drop-tested with or without the optional case, proving they're rugged enough for hour-after-hour use. They’re also water and dust-resistant, further extending their durability.

The 2-inch printer has a battery life of over 17 hours, and the 3-inch printer boasts over 42 hours. Though they’re heavy on capabilities, they’re both lightweight. Other features you can expect are real-time printhead health status monitoring and updates, high-quality printouts with minimum waste, and several connectivity options.

Multiple Mobile Printer Options to Fit Your Needs

Our wide range of mobile printers support multiple applications. From use in the warehouse to medical facilities and more, there’s a printer for every mobile need.

With many of our printers offering universal features, it can be hard to determine the best one for your business. Sign up for a free printer consultation to better compare our options to your exact business needs.