Coffee Break Recap: Automate Real-Time Label Inspection and Data Capture with Our Enterprise-Grade Printers and Perceptor PTXL Software

Coffee Break Recap: Automate Real-Time Label Inspection and Data Capture with Our Enterprise-Grade Printers and Perceptor PTXL Software

Duplicate, defective, and poorly printed barcode labels can lead to costly consequences. At best, they result in delays or rejected shipments. At worst, they can lead to fines or even legal ramifications for businesses.

When managers catch these errors, they can reprint the labels but risk slowing down production and wasting print materials. What if they could correct printing errors without lifting a finger?

In our latest Coffee Break episode with Mark Worlidge, founder and CEO of InterVision Global, he shared several insights about the software’s multi-language support, upcoming annual subscription model, and other future capabilities. When speaking about a 1,000-label print job, Worlidge added that: “Up until now, no one knows what has actually been printed.”

Using Perceptor PTXL software, currently exclusive to Printronix Auto ID T6000e ODV-2D and T8000 ODV-2D barcode inspection enterprise printers, users now have the power to prevent and correct printing errors, ensure compliance to regulatory standards, and perform analytics and reporting to better understand performance.

Supporting Compliance, Regulation, and Accountability

Perceptor PTXL software takes advantage of the two-dimensional online data verification (ODV-2D) technology available on our enterprise-grade printers T6000e and T8000 to inspect barcode labels as they’re printed and correct them in real time if needed. Using the overstrike feature, if a label fails, the printer back-feeds a number of labels and prints an overstrike grid over the entire label. Instead of interrupting printing, this entire process happens automatically and continuously.

With real-time control of the print process, Perceptor PTXL validates each label against a global cloud-based database to further ensure no label data is duplicated, even in the event of power outages or network failures. Despite these checks and any needed corrections, the T6000e and T8000 printers aren’t slowed down — they reach print speeds of up to 6-inches or 150 milliliters per second while providing added verification.

These capabilities make Perceptor PTXL software the perfect choice for industries where compliance, regulation, and accountability are valued and required. The software can also benefit industries where identification, serialization, use-by dates, and hazard symbols are critical or mandatory. These include:

  • Healthcare
  • Defense
  • Automotive
  • Food and beverage
  • Consumer products
  • Electronics

Put Print Data to Good Use

The work of Perceptor PTXL software and T6000e and T8000 printers doesn’t stop at correcting and validating labels. At the end of the print run, users have access to a batch reconciliation report including inspection results, data pass/fail grades, link field matching, and barcode inspection images. This data can be fed in real time to third-party systems that the business relies on.

The data collection capabilities also allow you to have a full audit trail of activity, history, and changes made to the system. This offers even more support for compliance and accountability. 

The vast capabilities of Perceptor PTXL software used with T6000e and T8000 printers won’t slow down the speed of deployment. Once you have the printer and accessories, it takes just two or three hours to become operational, with no need for costly or time-intensive training.

Watch Our Perceptor PTXL Coffee Break

If you missed our joint Coffee Break, catch the replay on our YouTube channel. To learn more about our ODV-2D barcode inspection printers with Perceptor PTXL, email us at or contact your local TSC Printronix Auto ID sales representative.