Use Your Printer to Combat Costly Chargebacks: Learn How ASNs and Barcode Inspection Technology Help You Take Charge of Fines

Use Your Printer to Combat Costly Chargebacks: Learn How ASNs and Barcode Inspection Technology Help You Take Charge of Fines

You have carefully selected and packaged an order for your customer. Your warehouse management system has the contents, customer address, and label information collected. Your label software has formatted the shipping label. The final step is to print the label, and the package or pallet is ready to ship. What about the importance of providing an Advance Ship Notice?

Failure to provide an Advance Ship Notice (ASN) to your retail or distribution customer could result in a fine or chargeback. Errors in the shipping label, or even an unreadable barcode, could result in fines.

Is there a way to easily avoid these common chargebacks that can run into the tens of thousands of dollars per year? Absolutely. Use your printer! Keep reading to learn how our robust Printronix Auto ID printers with integrated barcode inspection technology can help you reduce fines and chargebacks. 

Strict Requirements and Supplier Penalties Threaten to Erode Profitability

Certain retailers and distribution centers set forth requirements for incoming shipments. If requirements are not met, chargebacks will be passed along to the vendor or supplier. Major e-commerce providers can go beyond chargebacks, imposing other penalties that can cause expensive delays to manufacturers and suppliers. These include refusal of a shipment, return or disposal of supplier items, and blocking future shipments from entering the distribution center. All of these penalties create headaches and delays that can erode your profitability if you don’t find a way to enhance your processes.

Now, we’re talking about electronic data exchange and sophisticated label inspection and barcode grading according to ISO or ANSI standards. What has a printer got to do with any of this? Everything. Especially in reducing cost, space, and effort. 

Imagine a durable printer made for rough-and-tumble enterprise warehouse environments that could not only print a label, but automatically find and grade every barcode, as well as capture all the data in real time. Then this same printer sends information to your application to confirm that the label has been printed successfully, meets the customer’s quality requirements, and has all the data to confirm the ASN is ready to send. All of this is available within the footprint of the printer with no outside PCs, scanners, power, or connections required.

In the case of a bad barcode, the printer will overstrike the bad label and reprint without operator intervention, saving time and boosting peace of mind. Not only is the barcode graded and reprinted if necessary, the barcode and RFID data from the label is captured after passing inspection and returned to the application. This allows the application to automatically generate an ASN upon confirmation of successful printing of the compliant label.

Tackle Chargebacks with Our Enterprise-Grade Printronix Auto ID Barcode Inspection Printers

Printronix Auto ID barcode inspection printers provide real-time data, label inspection, all automated and packaged in a robust device made for the warehouse to reduce stress and enhance operations. Our Printronix Auto ID T8000 and T6000e enterprise industrial printers with ODV-2D barcode inspection offer a robust printer option for manufacturing and supplier operations. These printers automatically grade barcode labels to ISO standards, which encompass ANSI standards, and ensure quality labels for high volume industries.

Easily accessing and viewing real-time print data can help you defend against chargebacks, gain confirmation of successful label printing for applications like ASNs, and deliver peace of mind by taking the guesswork out of your print job status. By helping to reduce chargebacks, Printronix Auto ID barcode inspection printers offer an outstanding return on investment.

Learn more about our enterprise printer line on our website or contact your TSC Printronix Auto ID representative to get started with a barcode inspection printer.