How Our Fully Integrated Barcode Label Inspection Printers Expedite Logistics Processing

How Our Fully Integrated Barcode Label Inspection Printers Expedite Logistics Processing

Supply chain optimization used to be focused on lean inventory management strategies and leveraging interconnected networks. Since the pandemic, “the conversation has shifted from optimizing supply chains to making them more resilient and adaptable,” said IBM’s Program Director in a Logistics Management article on retail supply chains.

There is no shortage of data to confirm that supply chains are currently under enormous pressure, furthered by growth in online order activity. Add to that warehouse personnel shortages, backlogged materials, and a scarcity of trucks for transporting goods and we have one of the greatest logistics challenges the industry has faced.

One thing suppliers can do to reduce delays and ensure operations are running smoothly for their downstream partners — to support more resilient and efficient operations for the supply chain — is future proofing barcode label printing and verification. Poor quality and unreadable barcode labels put a wrench in your customer’s process, causing delays in receiving, and might make automated systems non-functional. Suppliers who routinely deliver goods with unreadable barcode labels may find their customers impose chargebacks for the impact it had on their processing time. When retailers need to halt their process to manually check a bad barcode, it slows down a very fast-paced, high volume system.

With an automated barcode verification and validation system built into every TSC Printronix Auto ID ODV-2D printer, you gain peace of mind and a guarantee that your barcode labels will be accurate every time, reducing your risk of chargebacks and preserving your brand reputation with your downstream customer. Continue reading to learn more about how these printers work to expedite processing and support better supply chain operations.

Challenges with Bad Barcodes and Manual Inspection

Unreadable barcodes can wreak havoc on your company’s bottom line in the form of chargebacks and other repercussions if your downstream customer has to manually process items, leading to slower processing time. Many companies, especially large retailers, often impose fines or chargebacks, conduct audits, and even return shipments to vendors if barcode labels are unreadable.

We strongly recommend that suppliers inspect barcode labels just as you inspect your outgoing products. A common misconception within the industry is that handheld scanners are sufficient to effectively check barcode labels. However, manually scanning barcode labels is very time consuming and may yield inconsistent results. Automating your inspection system with our barcode inspection printers doesn’t require any additional space, templates, software, or operator interaction to verify labels are accurate and graded to ISO standards. The label verifier is built into the printer which adds efficiencies that save you time. It also ensures your downstream customer will receive high quality, readable labels that enhance processing time for them and reduce risks for you.

Benefits of ODV-2D Inspection Printers

Our T8000 and T6000e Enterprise Industrial ODV-2D Printers come equipped with our unique integrated barcode inspection system to verify and validate every single barcode label printed. These printers come equipped with a bevy of benefits that will enhance your operations and eliminate issues that affect your part of the supply chain. You can focus on what you do best, and let the printer automate label printing, grading, and inspection. These printers:

  • Automatically find and grade every barcode on every label
  • Overstrike and reprint any barcode below acceptable grade automatically (users can set thresholds to any value A-F)
  • Print, verify, and validate 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Offer a barcode label grade report on every label available in real-time to the application for archive and use in defending against chargebacks
  • Can be integrated with our software partner Perceptor PTXL to add OCR, serial number duplicate checking, and blemish detection

The ODV-2D barcode inspection printer typically pays for itself in a few months with 99.99% of barcodes printing perfectly. The reporting feature provides added protections for suppliers, and you can enclose the report with each shipment to prove that the labels were printed and graded to requirements before they left your facility. It’s a great tool to defend against chargebacks. With proof that confirms the barcodes were readable and in compliance, many suppliers can reduce chargebacks, leading to a great return on your printer investment.

Simplified Barcode Inspection

Barcode label inspection can be simple. Don’t impact your downstream customers with barcode errors that affect their productivity. Avoid repercussions by inspecting every label automatically and easily. With our barcode inspection printers, you can achieve this. Save money and your brand reputation with the T8000 and T6000e Enterprise Industrial ODV-2D Printers.

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